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Code 3 Emergency Partners Announces 1st Freestanding ER Coming to DFW International Airport

Code 3 Emergency Partners could be the first healthcare provider to open a freestanding ER on US airport property. This 8,125-square foot Freestanding Emergency Center and Urgent Care facility will soon offer airport employees and travelers alike access to medical services.

“Code 3 is extremely excited to provide access to specialized emergency medical/trauma care and unscheduled acute care on the airport property. We knew that with over 60,000 Airport based and Airline employees on site every day and over 60 million passengers traveling through the airport every year, there was a definite need for this service. We intend to partner with airport employers to provide an affordable and easily accessible solution for their employees’ acute unscheduled healthcare needs,” says Code 3 Founder and CEO, Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP.

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